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Services - Hosting and domain names


Hosting and domain names are essential for your company to have a proper presence on the web. Their importance is often understated, but their impact on your business will be significant.


Domain names allow Internet users (clients or prospective clients) to find your business on the Internet. They also protect your company’s name and give it a much more professional image.

Hosting means that disk space has been set aside on a server to store and manage your web content. Generally, the hosting service manages the first level of email sent and received.

With an internal mail server

If your company has Microsoft Exchange or another internal mail server (see Our Services - Microsoft Exchange), then this is the hosting service that receives and sends email to and from your internal server.

Without an internal mail server

Most SMEs do not use an internal mail server such as Microsoft Exchange for reasons related to cost, administration or needs.

A hosting service is therefore very important because it allows email to be accessed directly from any workstation and from any device that has an Internet connection. If the company uses messaging software such as Microsoft Outlook, hosting can also connect this system to your mailboxes.

From your hosting management centre, it is also possible to configure automatic responses during your absence; manage backups of your email; manage your website, spam filters, databases, files; and much more.

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Inexo Technologies offers a wide range of reliable, efficient and secure solutions for small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs or SMBs). From hosting your email and website to full setup of an internal file and mail server, we are the solution for all your needs.

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