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Many SMEs do not yet have a proper web presence. Today, it is essential for a company to have a functional, current website that projects its image, keeps clients informed, does promotion and builds its client base. Successful integration of your business on the web can dramatically increase your revenue. An attractive and user-friendly website is essential for any company wishing to grow and reach more potential clients.

Our approach

At Inexo Technologies, all our web design is done on a CMS (content management system) platform. This means that once your website is set up, you will be able to make changes yourself, without having to rely on an outside consultant. At the time of final delivery of your site, Inexo Technologies will provide you with documentation and give you basic training so that you can make any changes you want yourself, naturally and intuitively.

Of course, we can always make changes to your site for you if you do not have time!

We use the following CMS platforms and technologies for web design: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Magento. We also use HTML5 and CSS3.



About us

Inexo Technologies offers a wide range of reliable, efficient and secure solutions for small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs or SMBs). From hosting your email and website to full setup of an internal file and mail server, we are the solution for all your needs.

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