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Data backup is an important step in the implementation of a reliable IT solution. It should be taken seriously, because in extreme cases, a company`s survival may depend on it.

Online Backup

Online backup is now accessible to everyone. It makes the backup process quick and easy. Go to Our Services - Online Backup for more information.

Backup Media

With many years of proven reliability, backup media are probably still the method most commonly used by businesses. Depending on the size of your business, backups can be stored on various media: CDs/DVDs or even Blu-ray disks, external hard drives, and even RDX drives. Go to Our Services - Backup Media for more information.

Since your data are of critical importance to you and your business, Inexo Technologies will be happy to review your situation and provide you with a reliable backup solution that fits your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Inexo Technologies offers a wide range of reliable, efficient and secure solutions for small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs or SMBs). From hosting your email and website to full setup of an internal file and mail server, we are the solution for all your needs.

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