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Data backup is an important step in the implementation of a secure and reliable IT solution. It should be taken seriously, because in extreme cases, a company`s survival may depend on it.

Conventional versus online backup

One disadvantage of conventional backup systems is the cost. A backup unit generally costs several thousand dollars, not including the various media (cassettes, tapes, hard drives, etc.) or maintenance.

Another disadvantage of conventional systems is the organization and discipline required to ensure that copies of all company files are kept off-site. For example, when backup tapes are used, someone needs to be assigned responsibility for loading fresh tapes regularly and ensuring that the backup tapes are kept off-site.

An online backup solution will save you time and money. The cost of this service is based on the amount of storage space needed (in gigabits), and you pay only for the space you use. Everything is stored on a secure off-site server, with frequent backups to preserve data integrity.


With the proliferation of cloud computing—the online backup service in question here—one of the most often discussed aspects is data security.

We understand that your data are important to you and to the prosperity of your business. It therefore goes without saying that data security is an essential feature of our services.

Our online backup service uses 256-bit encryption (the widest encryption in the industry), giving you the same level of security that banks use for their online transactions. In addition, the data can be encrypted a second time with a password that only you know. Your data will then be secure at any location, at all times.

How it works

Online backup can be done anytime. However, since it uses your Internet connection, it can significantly slow down your browsing speed. We therefore generally recommend running a backup during off-business hours, so that your business activities are not affected.

The first (full) backup may take some time (up to several days). Thereafter, the system will only run "incremental" backups, which take far less time (a few hours). During these backups, the system will save only those files that have been modified or created since the previous backup, leaving the rest intact.

This service not only backs up your important data; it copies your entire computer or server system. This is known in the IT world as a bare-metal backup, and in the event of an incident, it can restore your entire computer, including data, software and configuration, to the way it was before the last backup. It is also possible to overwrite just one or a few files at a time, within a period of up to 30 days.

With this method, it takes far less time to ''rebuild'' a computer from a backup.

What To Expect

If you choose the online backup service, it is important that you first ensure that your monthly level of high-speed Internet service is sufficient to handle the data volume involved. Otherwise, you could end up paying additional charges to your Internet provider.

Contact us for more information. We will be happy to review the situation with you.

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